I am finding that
as each day passes,
I move closer towards the concept
“there is no wrong or right,
there is just is-ness.”

I am finding that
in every situation,
whether hellacious or a delight,
there is something that I learn
about the truth of me, myself and I.

I am finding that
existence is
among the mundane and diverse,
like a shooting star soaring through
a “no wrong or right” Universe.

We are but a shooting star.

Image Source: www.scenicreflections.com

I am finding that
the story of I continually is written,
pages of heartbreak, anger and joys smitten;
evolution of dates, places and times,
makes up the volumes contained in my soul and mind.

I am finding that
its not up to me to determine what is wrong or right;
the truth for me may not fit you in size.
Like you, I am just a human shooting star,
unfolding within the Universe of life.

Where did wrong come from?
Where did right begin?
Did it arise from a stellar origin
or is it defined by each of us,
according to our respective syllabus?

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