1. The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something.
  2. The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
accountability – care – obligation – pledge – trust

The truth will either haunt you or heal you. It depends on how much illusion is used to secure one’s foundation. One can face what has been avoided at any time, but there is no short cut. Sometimes, déjà vu resets the clock and one can find themselves back at a new beginning. One can take what one has learnt only by way of responsibility. Graduation. However it is also a possibility that the repeated choice to ignore the truth may manifest a new set of destination co-ordinates entirely. We affect our future every day. ~Floetry (Natalie Stewart)

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RESPONSIBILITY: The ability to choose your response. Today, I take RESPONSIBILITY for my thoughts, words and actions. I will not give away my RESPONSIBILITY, my freedom to choose, to be, to another through the conduit of blame, fear, or resentment.

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