Most conducive to a favorable outcome; best.
The most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, or success.
Adjective: best – greatest
Noun: ace – champion – excellence

The human individual lives usually far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use. He energizes below his maximum, and he behaves below his optimum—it is only an inveterate habit—the habit of inferiority to our full self. ~William James

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A recipe for OPTIMUM living:

    1. Maintain a daily inventory of Self, listing the positives and negatives. Revisit your list often to get a good idea of those areas that you excel and those areas that need worked on.
    2. Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has aspects that can always be developed and improved—no one is perfect.
    3. Lighten up! Do not take yourself so seriously. Really, in the grand scheme of the Universe, just how significant is it? Human life is way too short to spend it in misery and angst. Enjoy each day of life you greet doing the things that cultivate that which is positive: Love, Live, Laugh.
    4. Attend to personal growth. View every life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow from, no matter if it is a positive or negative experience. From the time we are born to the time of our death, growth and learning never ceases.
    5. Respect yourself. Treat yourself as well as you would treat a stranger. The source of love is within us all.  The love we give others is an accurate reflection of the love we give ourselves.
    6. Reach out to others when in need. Asking for help to improve the areas in your life that are in need of improvement or healing exhibits harmony and maturity.
    7. Recognize the difference between self-esteem and arrogance. Self-esteem is not painful or agonizing. The components of self-esteem are positive thinking, determination, and desire to live an honest and sincere life. The opposite is true for arrogance.

An OPTIMUM life is full of love, respect, and success.

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