A purpose; the act or fact to do something.
Resolved or determined to do (something).
aim – design – goal – view

I’m delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn’t always do it in the way you expect. ~J. Michael Straczynski

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Consider. Einstein posed the following question for debate and discussion: Is the Universe friendly? Responses to Einstein’s question will differ from person to person based on their INTENT. INTENT, by some, is perceived as a focused beam of light; awareness is a broad unfocused illumination. There is no doubt that Humans live amid a vast and endless ocean of possibilities. Our minds scan the Universe for people, places and things to focus on; we attempt to make sense of existence and everything in it. INTENT defines what we focus on in life; it compels us to prioritize perceptions. The INTENT we give to the Universe will manifest into reality. If your INTENT is happiness, guess what? Happiness will manifest in your life. Take a moment and examine the INTENT you are sending out into the Universe today. What is your response to Einstein’s question? My response is simply, “Yes.”

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