1. Cause to become sound or healthy again
  2. Free from ailment.
ameliorate – cure – mend – recover – restore


Rest feeds the natural healing process. Power down, especially the mind and your thoughts, and enable nature to go to work. ~J.J. Goldwag

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After being greeted by the Flu this week, I relinquished all I felt needed to be done and rested, allowing my body to  HEAL itself.   While recuperating, I thought about how things tend to be break down before they can be restored to something stronger than before.  I also thought about how nature rejuvenates our health if we take our own self out of the way.  If animals trust nature, then why shouldn’t I?  Of course it is terribly uncomfortable to allow a virus to run its course in our body, but then again, there is a purpose for everything.  Maybe once it runs its course,  new antibodies are born or created to protect us from something worse down the road.   As with anything in life, the more I resist, the longer the duration, whether it be emotions, thoughts, pain, illness, etc..  Could it be that if healing is not happening, it is because I don’t allow my body to do its “natural” job and heal?  Have I  slowed down and rest?  Do I practice the non-practice of not doing anything—just allowing my body to rest?

AFFIRMATION:  I love my body.  I take care of my body.  I breathe in health and exhale sickness.  I allow my body to rest and healing to manifest.  If I have to take medicine, I assist the healing process by practicing the non-practice: rest.

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