etym. 1919, American Slang

Adjective: In excellent order; very satisfactory.
delightful – fine – hunky-dory – mellow – unpresumptuous

My father came up through the Depression. He was like a hobo for a long time, on a freight car, traveling through twenty-one states. His whole attitude was, there are three sides to every story, so you gotta make sure everything is copacetic before you commit.~Danny DeVito, “What I’ve Learned”

The unknown intrigues me more than the known and the word, COPACETIC, tickles my brain.  It is certainly not a word or slang term I hear or read often.  Therefore, I looked into my Google-crystal ball and this is what I found out about the charming word that is fun to roll off the tongue and lips:

  • Originated around 1919
  • References to Italian, Creole or Hebrew origin.
  • Associated with jazz, prison, street slang.
  • Derivative “kopasetee” used by French Creole of Louisiana.
  • Derivative “kol b’tzedek”; a Hebrew expression meaning “all in order/all with justice.”
  • Derivative “copasenee,” a Chinook term meaning “all is satisfactory.”

Regardless of where COPACETIC  originated (or why it originated), the energy behind its nine simple letters brings a hunky-dory mellowness to my day!   I am smitten with the word, COPACETIC, and am certain it will become my daily motto:  Keep’n it Copa!

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