What Goes Around, Comes Around

“This universal energy, that makes up everything in our existence, moves in a circular nature, which means that it returns back to itself.” Joe Rapisarda


The old adage, “what goes around, comes around” simplifies the concept. Applying this to me and my life,  it is clear to see that whatever I put out into the Universe and give to others, I receive back. Whether I am loving, honest and compassionate, or hateful, deceitful, and malicious, my actions in this moment and every moment is the catalyst creating my Karma.   I find it worthwhile before acting or reacting to a person, place or thing, whether in business, relationships, family, nature, etc., to just stop and breathe.

To read more on Karma, Joe Rapisarda has written a book entitled, “Awaken Your Power,” that is very insightful and is of great assistance for those looking inward for awareness.

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