written by Michelle Maynard-Koenig

This is the secret that the powers-to-be don’t want let out of the bag. Nothing eases stress and tension like five minutes of popping a gazillion air-filled bubbles on sheets of polyethylene (plastic). Simply, irresistible! It is satisfying and harmless: no weight gain, nor does your blood sugar level or blood pressure increase.  No danger of breaking a bone or straining a muscle, either, unless you are truly a turbo-maniac-bubble-wrap-popper.

Bubble Wrap Popping (B.W.P.) is acceptable at both the workplace and home, churches, temples, synagogues, schools and other learning institutions, in public or private. You can carry it in your purse or backpack, stash it away in your desk, or tuck it away in your pocket, bra or sock for easy and quick access. Most everyone, from priest to pauper, find enjoyment engaging in B.W.P.. It’s one of the rare, wickedly-fun addictions that does not have an ill effect upon a person or society.

There are many ways in which a person can engage in B.W.P. The options are many. You can use your fingers, you can scrunch it, twist it, jump on it, wrap yourself in it … you can even slide on it. It’s magical, unlike the myriad of advertisements we see on television or in print ads that assure instantaneous miracles at a high price. B.W.P. does not involve any use of drugs, nor does it have adverse side-effects, unless you pursue it to a point of requiring Ibuprofen for sore popping fingers!


The use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not require visits to a gym or a guru. The continued popping noise and the feeling that it generates naturally reduces your stress and soon you realize that nothing else matters but the rhythmic popping of the bubbles in front of you.

What does the future hold for B.W.P.? A writer at gives an optimistic forecast:

    “I can envision that at some point in the near future, many spas and fashionable clinics will begin to offer the bubble wrap stress relief therapy program. Once this occurs, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief will become ubiquitous. Imagine being wrapped, to a degree that is comfortable for you, in bubble wrap and then beginning your meditation in your favorite sauna or steam machine. As time unfolds, the heat and sweat reduce your tissues, clean your pores and help you melt away an inch or two.”

Therefore, when you find yourself in a state where you are ready to pull every last hair out of your head, or want to scream at the top of your lungs, or frustrated with another person, place or thing, just grab a tiny sheet of bubble wrap and start popping away! Squeeze it, twist it, and pop it until you have transcended into a place of peace and serenity!

Disclaimer: This article is written in humor and jest; the writer having extensive experience as a B.W.P-er. The information contained herein is geared towards audiences who are not offended by smiles and/or laughter. This article is by no means meant to constitute or replace medical, spiritual or psychological advice you have received, do receive or will receive in the future. 🙂

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