The Possibilitarian Project: “Moment of Truth”

below is an excerpt written by Tiffany Kirchner Dixon for Kelly Rae: The Possibilitarian Project

© The Fancy Farmgirl, Tiffany Kirchner Dixon

You see, my home situation was a little different from most. A wife at the age of 20, a mother at the age of 23, it wasn’t until my second child was born that our lives took a direction we could not possibly anticipate. Our youngest child was born with a disorder called Rett Syndrome. She is confined to a wheelchair, has dibilitating seizures, is non-verbal and eats through a feeding tube. Out of such tragedy came several gifts. The most important was unconditional love. Both the kind she has for me, and I have for her. The other gift has been perspective. The kind you gain when you live everyday with a child that truly has nothing to live for, yet can manage to wake up cheerful and have a smile on her face. It is a miraculous thing to witness and has brought my own life to a place where possiblity now rules. It has taught me that no matter how rough the road may be that you have a choice in the situation, even when there seems not to be any choice.

© The Fancy Farmgirl, Tiffany Kirchner Dixon

I stopped living in fear of judgement because one thing my daughter has taught me is there is no time to waste. I started to allow myself to change dreams into real concepts, rooted in the fact that the only failure was if I let my own cowardice hold me back. I also knew that if I was to be the best mother and wife I could be, that I must care about my own happiness and not just that of my husband and children. It is a very fine balance to find, but as the matriarch it is also our duty to teach our family how to nurture others as much as we nurture them. I wanted to have a creative career, to take a hobby and turn it into something bigger. I wanted the world to experience life through my eyes. I started wearing vintage prom dresses anywhere I wanted and if people teased me I shrugged it off. But mostly people embraced me. They could feel the happiness it brought to me, and it propelled them to take their own risks without fear of judgement.


The Possibilitarian Project is a great motivational movement. If you have not yet heard about it, you simply must check it out.

Kelly Rae: The Possibilitarian Project

Kelly Rae Roberts is an artist, author, and Possibilitarian. You can visit Kelly Rae’s site at

Tiffany Kirchner Dixon is a mother and professional freelance photographer, and Possibilitarian. You can visit Tiffany Kirchner Dixon’s site at

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