Smiled Soul


Copyright 2006 Leigh J. McCloskey

Art Image:  Copyright 2006 Leigh J. McCloskey


Smiled soul,
effervescing brightness,
a divine loving nucleus
with no beginning or end,
no dimension or space:
you’re simply a vestibule
amid a human shell encased.

Oh, human shell!

Oh, human shell!

Be not battered
by emotions and prejudices.

Smiled souls of ages past,
and smiled souls yet to come,
are guides through the
transcending vestiges.

Fear not letting go,
attach not to this, that
or another,
Witness the passing clouds
of tears
or wonder.

Boundless Universe,
you teach that everything evolves,
everything changes,
life and death,
birth and transformation.

What was, becomes not,
and what is not, becomes.

Smiled soul you refrain
from donning a robe and gavel,
or rendering judgment
of the highest matters.
Opting to celebrate the Truth
of Love, Peace and Serenity
as you partake each mortal moment
and the human shell’s ability.

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