The SAK Project (Secret Agent of Kindness) is a project conducted by individuals around the world who dream for peace and who want to create a world that is truly a kind and loving place.

The Secret Agent of Kindness project is collaborative effort of people all over the world who really want to make a difference through kindness. Laura Miller started the project back in July of 2009 at the prompting of a friend who was out of state and was having a birthday. The friend didn’t think birthdays were fun and didn’t like them. Laura disagreed and thought birthdays were fantastic. Laura told her friend she was going to send her a gift. Her friend told to not send her anything but instead go and do a random act of kindness in my name and call yourself ‘Secret Agent L, All-Around Swell Chick and Girl Spy.'” Thus the project began. Laura’s SAK blog is not longer active, but I am willing to host the project on Smiled Soul​.

Let me know if you are interested in participating in this project and becoming a Secret Agent of Kindness! SAK agents can be from any place around the world. As an agents, you will go out and conduct little secret missions of kindness. Once you complete a mission, then you will email me a summary of your your mission, what you experienced, and a photo of the mission. I will publish it on the website.

REMEMBER: you are a Secret Agent and your real name and information is kept anonymous.rsz_dsc05101

This project is about extending kindness and compassion, unconditionally, no expectations, and with complete sincerity. I have conducted and witnessed some very clever SAK missions. It takes a few minutes out of the day to leave something behind for a random person to find that let’s that person know kindness still exists in the world.

There is no application or training to be an agent. Everything is kept confidential other than the summaries and photographs you submit to be published on this site. To get the SAK Project going, I have published one of the SAK missions I conducted when I first began as an SAK agent.

A PDF of a SAK card (see below) is emailed to each individual that wishes to participates in the project. That individual adopts a secret agent name. For example, my name is Michelle, so on the card I leave at various SAK missions, I am referred to “Secret Agent M.”

WARNING: SAK Missions are fun and contagious!


If you are want to participate in this project, email me at  In the subject line type “I want to be a SAK agent”

Once I have receive your email,  I will reply with an attached SAK Agent card (in PDF format) that you can print out and use on your missions to spread kindness. Some agents choose to add their email address or Twitter handle, i.e. @SecretAgentM, on their cards so that people who find the gifts have a way to express their gratitude or say, for example (actually occurred), “You know I was walking out of my office building, and I glanced down to the left and there was this thing that’s laying on the newspaper rack. I picked it up and it was this lovely little gift. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that I found it. It made me feel less alone.” It can be very powerful!


You are probably wondering how a mission is conducted!

SAK mission gift example.

SAK mission gift example.

If you become an agent, it is up to you to use your creative mind to come up with SAK mission.  Think about how you personally can enact kindness, make a difference, and reach out to someone in a way that’s personal and meaningful, because more than likely it’s going to be personal and meaningful to somebody else. Most people leave behind something tangible, even if it’s just like a quote. They write out a quote on a card, and leave it for someone. If you have a card sitting around, and a quote, it’s pretty much free.

The object of the SAK Project is to maintain you anonymity! Obviously, I cannot be completely anonymous because I maintain this website. I still conduct my missions anonymously and randomly!

Think of something that if you stumbled upon it, it would make your day, or it would just make you smile, or it would make you feel less alone. Some agents leave a small card with a positive affirmation and $5.00 bill with a note to “enjoy a delicious cappuccino on me?.” Kindness doesn’t have to be expensive. If you wish to incorporate monetary gifts in your mission project, keep it to $5 or less. I really want to stress the concept that kindness doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or really any money, and that you don’t have to be rich and powerful to do these things, and leave these things behind.

Some ideas of where to leave SAK gifts: libraries (place in a book on a reserved shelf that someone will pick up later), restaurants, hospitals, parks (benches), dressing rooms in department stores, on store shelves, at a drive-thru window (i.e. when at a Starbucks, McDonalds, etc., drive-thru window, pay for the customer behind you, kindly ask the cashier at the window to give the card to the customer when they pull up to pay for their order), the ideas for locations are limitless.

A fellow SAK agent prepared and left a care package in a waiting room (of course you leave your SAK card) when no one was looking. She photographed the care package and where she left it, wrote a summary of her experience and mission, and it was published for all to see and smile. Simple as that!

Another SAK agent went to a local hospital during a cancer expo with like 30 or 40 little gifts and goodies. All had the Secret Agent L business card attached to them (yours would have a card with your Secret Agent name).. He left the little gifts all over the cancer expo. He knew there would be a lot of people there, who were either struggling with cancer directly, or indirectly, or who wanted to become more knowledgeable about it, and were probably carrying a little bit of heaviness in their heart while they were there. He also knew that would be the perfect place. It was such an emotional day to know that he had left all of these little goodies for people who were literally staring cancer in the face for the whole day.

You can be as creative as your amazing mind and compassionate heart permits!

Some agents have done missions geared towards the needs of families and mothers. Some agents leave coupons for diapers in changing areas in restrooms at like Target or Wal-Mart, etc., or leave the coupons for the diapers, and then they’ll leave a gift card for that particular store, so that they could basically get diapers for free, or save a lot of money on diapers, or something similar..

The intention of the SAK missions is to create an energy that manifests into love and sincerity.  You will find the SAK missions become so personal and laden with kindness.


I will try to post all the agent submission containing photo(s)  that is submitted. They will be posted on this site in this section entitled SAK PROJECT.  If there’s a photo that’s blurry, or doesn’t really show enough detail, or it’s hard to decipher what that photo is, it may be not be published, I promise to really try to post most of the photos because the agent took the time to document their mission deserves to share the experience with the world.

Try to take photos of the preparation of the mission, the actual tangible item that you leave. It’s really nice, because the person who comes upon the SAK project receives a real physical connection of kindness.DSC_0043


I really believe deep in my heart that everyone is carrying some sort of burden and everyone has a story. I think that everybody has some hurt inside of them. We live in this world that’s so “me” centered. We often focus  on “I” have to do at any given moment: I have to go to this. I have to get this done. I have to achieve this. Instead of looking inward, lets also extend our souls outward!

I have had amazing experiences being a Secret Agent of Kindness. In a way I leave a part of my soul with every mission gift; it is a connection with other people, some I may never meet face to face. I thought if I could go out and leave these little gifts for people, and let that person who finds it know that there’s someone out in in the world who believes in sincere kindness. Those who cross paths with the SAK mission gifts (aka benefactors) may be having a really bad day, or feeling depressed, or struggling with an issue. Can you imagine the kind of positive energy that gift brings to them, even if it is for only a minue, an hour, or a day?

If you want to join me and others and be a Secret Agent of Kindness (SAK) agent, remember to email me at I will definitely get back in touch with you and get you started as an agent. If you have any questions, I will promptly respond.

It will be fantabulous to have more SAK agents spreading positive energy in the world. The giver receives and the receiver gives and it is an incredible experience.

The Secret Act of Kindness Project feeds souls! Give it a try and see for yourself!

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