A poem written by writer, poet, inspired soul, Ga-el Shamir.

Depart with me
From this dwelling
To a place
Where our love will remain untainted and safe

Far away from the soil griping our feet and drenching our face
Suddenly we sink
Along with our love

Take me in your arms and clutch my weary shell
Where I fell many times over

I was once wounded
Now I am healing
Because of you

My betrothed

Wrap me tenderly with every breath

Only I can hear the sound of it
Only I can comprehend it
Only I can feel it

As I sit scripting this love letter to you

I need you
Do you need me?

Shield me with your laughter
Intercepting all negativity that emerged from the four corners of the earth

My rebirth began with you

Breaking down walls of rejection
Subduing with ongoing affection

Calling out
Hush! My darling
It’s OK
I will love and protect you

Why do you carry my pain when it’s too much for my soul to bare?

What’s so beautiful is the love we share is precipitated
One to another

You’re always there
Daring to exceed man made limits with the power of love

Every aspect of my existence has become a reflection of your goodness towards me

So I strive harder to be better
I’m so fortunate to explore love deeper
My perception becomes clearer
Existing is sweeter

The skies appear bluer
With fewer
Dark clouds hovering

Like a fairy tale that every little girl dreams
As you appeared out of no where
It seems

Now you are a part of me

Penetrating the opposing winds
Laying and ax to roots of prejudice

It’s difficult being away from you
Not hearing your voice
Right now we don’t have a choice

But I am grateful

Your love grabs and pulls me back in
With a single word of assurance


Every time I walk from love
In fear and try to run
Your warm embrace takes hold
No one can trace it but I
It’s bold and vibrant

So for now I shall finish
In saying

I have loved you from the start
And it will continue

I will belong to you and no other
I mean it

This love remains lasting

My Beloved

Even after
I exist in this world no more


  • Debra says:

    these would be my words to my Beloved…if I had this poet’s soul.

    Thank you for sharing this poem and please thank the Poet who penned it.

    Namaste _/|_