Once upon a time, a symmetrically whole being evolved called “Man”. Man was as a perfectly round circle.  All of  Man’s appendages and organs had corresponding duplicates facing each other, four hands, four legs, four ears, and two faces sharing one head in common. When formed together, it was perfect wholeness. Man lived in a two worlds simultaneously, the world of Becoming and the world of Being.

In the world of Becoming, all physical manifestations are defined through the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. It is a physical world; a world in constant movement and change.

In the world of Being, everything consists up of forms, ideas, and absoluteness. It is a world of freedom of transcendence. Though the world of Being never changes, it is the catalyst for the essentials of that which exists in the world of Becoming. The relationship between the two worlds is everything and nothing.

Man evolved in strength and vigor, eventually bringing about a formidable pride, an arrogance. Man became obsessed to rule both worlds, eventually attacking and destroying anything and everything that got in its way to “godship.”

And so Zeus, one of the gods, had an idea, “I think,” he said, “that I have found a way by which we can allow the human race to continue to exist and also put an end to their wickedness by making them weaker. I will cut each of them in two; in this way they will be weaker, and at the same time more profitable to us by being more numerous.”

Fast forward to today.

Consider. Humans have a dual nature of existence.  We are a microcosm within the macrocosm. Love illuminates this longing to realize the divine within us and to help others realize their potential, as well. Love helps us to find a relationship between the two worlds we live in. Love is simply the name for Man’s desire and pursuit for wholeness, once again.

Consider. Humans are in constant movement searching for the meaning of life and love. As we ascend, we become closer to the absoluteness of the Divine through love’s prompting our own abilities to express, first on the physical plane, then on deeper layers via works of art, literature, music, relationships, to ourselves.

Consider. When we search for and recognize the divine in others, one discovers the divine in oneself. We come to recognize that, in all its forms, divinity is one and the same.  A perfect circle of wholeness.  It is absolute. Love is the world of Being providing the essence within the world of Becoming.

Plato’s, The Symposium, suggests that there is an internal mechanism through which Humans travel between both worlds. He shows how, through the powerful conduit of Love, Man can arrive at the highest apex of existence, an intuitive and mystical state of consciousness; an innate state of wholeness.

It is from this ancient story that we may consider the essence of the innate love human beings feel for one another.  Love,  which restores us to our ancient state by attempting to reuniting two halves into one.  Love, which heals the wounds humanity suffers.  The way to happiness for the Human race lies in honor and respect of Love; by returning to our original condition.


Namaste ♥

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