Is It A Good Time To Chillax?

“You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself.” ~Alan Cohen

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A list of tips and tricks to help us wiggle our way out of the jaws of worry. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Stop the “What if’s”—The outcome of your mistakes is not as bad as you think; it’s the “What if?” that causes unnecessary worry.

2. Ditch All That Stuff—When your home (or workplace) is a mess, it causes mental clutter and anxious thoughts. Declutter and only keep items that you need, use or love.

3. Just the Facts, Ma’am—Challenge your assumptions. They are often wrong, and negative assumptions are unfounded if you don’t have all the facts.

4. Make More Mistakes—If you’re not making enough mistakes, you’re not taking enough risks!

5. Get a Second Opinion—Talk to someone else for an unbiased view of the situation, but don’t get your second opinion from a negative person.

6. Rock Your Worries Away—The motion of swaying back and forth can calm your body and mind when you’re stressed. So let’s get rockin’!

7. The Truth and Nothing But…—When you’ve had a breach of integrity, acknowledge it and make amends; don’t let it erode your inner peace.

8. It’s Okay to Look Foolish—Stop obsessing over what others think; no one ever died from embarrassment. Really!

9. Don’t Give Up—Never judge your success by your first effort. You need to make a last three attempts.

10. Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier—The next time a worry comes up, ask yourself: Will it really matter 12 months from now? Move on!

Imagine spending the next week not worrying about looking foolish, making mistakes, or spending excess time on matters that won’t mean squat a year from now. Doesn’t that make you feel CALM already?

(from “Stay calm…stay calm…STAY CALM!” by “worry management expert,” Denise Marek!)

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