Instead of a Million Dollars

Image courtesy of Upasana

I’d rather have a million of smiles,
a million of nights of peaceful sleep,
a million of friendships across the miles,
a million of fond memories in my heart to keep.

View a million stars up above,
comfort a million tears,
give a million hugs of love,
face a million of lessons and fears.

Hear a million birds up high,
let go of a million of resentments and regrets,
taste a million raindrops from the sky,
learn from a million and one mistakes.

Contribute to a million successes,
kiss the Earth with my feet a million of times,
be myself in a million of circumstances,
feel a million touches of your Soul and sigh.

Instead of a Million Dollars,
I’d rather have this.
Oh, wait! But I do!
I live amid the simplicity of bliss!

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