written by Ga-el Shamir



There awaits solace in mortality
Rebirth unveils
By no means are we casualties living in a war zone
With brittle bones and deception

Traveling towards our authentic state of existence
With “Permission” of course
Divorced from this world
As we know it

Renouncing chaos, perplexity and discord
Separation from ceremonial rituals
To weep our departure
For sure

Swiftly by way of intervals
The aged is no more
The ailing, non-existent
Tormented, never
Quite clever

“The awakening”

Transitioning toward a beautiful composition of sort
Equivocal splendor
The word “Gender” transformed

Astonishing explosions of irradiating shades
Unblemished they never fade
My favored the vividness of jade

Gazing in silence as each tint penetrates through
This rapacity continues
Harmony, the venue
Tranquility defines the menu
Consciousness turns out to be fictitious

I’m learning

Nearby life expectancy is just a flicker away from today
Beyond the clouds
“We as a race of ONE are richer”
I foresee

Guided by the ONE who is called “Teacher”
Take a moment, close your eyes, to picture
This glorious “Phenomenon” take flight

©Geel, 2011


Working with hospice patients and the disabled, caring for their everyday needs, feeding them, washing them, clothing them, and so much more, with humility, allows me to give back to Humanity while approaching their lasts days here on Earth; I do my best to bring comfort peace and LOVE, no matter the color, the gender, or faith based belief. This poem is dedicated to all those whom I have had the privilege of knowing who are still here, as well as those who have arrived at our original home. Thank you for allowing me to care for you. Truly, I have grown. ~ Geel

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