Four Green Steps Presents Unsolicited Acts of Kindness Week

Mont- Royal, Canada (PRWEB) August 08, 2012


Social enterprise organization, Four Green Steps, will kick off the company’s first ever “Unsolicited Acts of Kindness Week” beginning on Monday, August 13th, 2012. For every person who pledges to perform an unsolicited act of kindness during Kindness Week, Four Green Steps will plant a tree.

During this week the company encourages everyone to ‘Choose Kindness’ and offer small gestures of kindness to those around them, whether it be by surprising a loved one with breakfast, holding the door open for a stranger, or any other kind gesture that is nice for the sake of being nice.

The week is to promote awareness of how the way we treat each other affects our social environment,” said President of Four Green Steps Jaye Yarrow.

Because Four Green Steps’ mission is to improve the environment by promoting sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade practices, this week will promote people to reflect on how we treat one another affects the environment we live in as much as anything else.

“It’s about the feelings associated with altruism and kindness,” Yarrow said.

To celebrate Kindness Week, Four Green Steps will be presenting themselves door to door to the neighboring offices in their building and collect anything anyone wants to get rid of to donate to Renaissance, a local non-profit organization that collects and repairs used goods.

“We believe that taking the initiative to show more kindness to those immediately around us will spur positive energy as one kind act deserves another,” Yarrow said. “When there is a greater sense of well-being in the community, people are likely to feel more compassionate towards not just each other, but to their whole environment and everything in it.”

Four Green Steps encourages their Twitter followers to participate in Kindness Week by using the hashtag #kindnessweek or #nicetobenice when they have an inspired thought brought out by the week or simply want to share some of the kind deeds they’ve done to encourage and inspire others. Users can also follow Four Green Steps on Twitter (@FourGreenSteps).

Four Green Steps will also be randomly searching through Twitter for anyone who might be having a tough day and see what they can do to cheer them up.

About Four Green Steps: 
Four Green Steps is a social enterprise organization whose mission is to make ‘going green’ as easy and accessible as possible through the 4 steps they have developed: the largest Eco Friendly product Marketplace in the world, an Infozone publishing the latest environmental news, a Community section for sharing healthy tips and recipes, and School Programs that provide free green curriculum. They constantly provide up-to-date information about environmental topics and offer a unique environmental curriculum for schools worldwide that is used by 2 million students in over 55 countries. They host and sponsor international school competitions every year and offer free environmental lesson plans for kindergarten through grade 12 in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. The company sells more than 50,000 eco-friendly products such as jewelry, organic baby products, bags and wallets, pet products, furniture, hot water tanks and beauty and wellness products. For more information please visit; or call 1-888-604-7837.

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