I am led by the heart and by my Soul and I only share that which I feel cultivates something positive in the Universe. The humanitarian action and effort put forth by Jim Killon to improve the lives of children in third world countries is one that I have followed and support for the past couple of years. To tell you a bit about Jim and how he got to where he is now.

Jim Killon, a fellow writer and blogger, is from Baltimore, Maryland, and lives in Peru. He is the founder of a humanitarian project entitled “Changes for New Hope,” which began in 2009. According to Jim, “It was designed to help the children living here [Peru} in extreme poverty. We address issues such as malnutrition and hunger, education, self-esteem and other emotional issues, family crisis, general well-being and creativity development projects.” Unfortunately, those who need the help far exceed the funding available. Therefore, Jim decided to write a children’s story to raise the necessary funds to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Once people begin to understand that within walking distance of their dinner tables there are children who are starving, a humanitarian movement can ignite with wonderous results.

Jim has written several articles and commentaries for e-publications such as,,,,, The Baltimore Sun

Last year, the organization put forth an effort to collect unwanted eyeglasses to recycle and put to good use, as well as collect donated children’s clothing. Those efforts are ongoing. The current project is a children’s storybook that will change children’s futures. On the IndieGoGo* site, you can give towards this endeavor. The storybook is due to be released in mid-2012 in e-form and print copy versions, and contains five stories that have moral imperatives to teach your children, such as sharing, integrity, honesty and compassion. Stories that have deep meaning to the children of “Changes For New Hope,” stories that also will have a profound meaning to all children of the world.

I highly urge you to visit A Children’s Storybook and contribute what you can possibly afford to aid in this heartfelt humanitarian endeavor. If you have questions or wish more information, feel free to e-mail Jim Killon.

*IndieGoGo was founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, and action – we believe that funding opportunities should not be dictated solely by private banks, wealthy individuals, or corporate institutions – but instead by the community.