Image Source: http://myrawpotential2.blogspot.com

The sun greets me
with radiant light,
providing enough warmth
for the darkness of night.

Rain falls down
from the massive sky,
providing enough water
for when the days go dry.

Bliss is strength,
even the smallest fleck,
providing enough gratitude
to keep my Ego in check.

Sorrows are daunting,
I do confess,
providing enough loss
so I appreciate all that I possess.

Love runs deep,
from within my soul,
providing enough serenity
to release want for control.

Pain crops up
in many stages,
providing enough anguish
to keep me courageous.

Source of life
is omnipresent,
providing enough to fulfill
the “I” in “Me” each second.

Enough is enough
for me today,
I trust I’ll receive
what I need, come what may.

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