Barefoot Soul

a_footprint_in_the_sand_by_naibca-d3g9eb1Barefoot soul,
naked vulnerability,
revelation of truth
beautiful unclipped wings.

Barefoot soul,
though a storm is brewing,
stand your ground,
with no care or worry.

Barefoot soul,
evolution of being,
be not afraid
to keep ascending.

Barefoot soul,
peace and serenity,
mystery of change
is awaiting me.

Life is full of inspiration — inspiring expressions of words, art, and music.  A serene life isn’t without difficulties.  I, for one, am in a transition of ascending rungs on the ladder of my life, from the person I once was to the person I am now to the evolution of me in the tomorrows. Hence, the birth of the above poem; the soul speaks. What happens when the evolving individual, the “Barefoot soul,” finds him or herself in the middle of a tug of war between those who want to clip the wings pulling back into the past and the truth of the soul pulling forward with change? Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of Managing Life’s Energies explains it so easy. “Sometimes life’s opportunities are difficult.  They require us to focus, to be intentional and to take mindful and meaningful action.  Many of us will step away from difficult situations out of fear.  We run from the risk, the difficulty, and the energy required to fully experience the stretch and growth that comes from participating fully in the dance.   When we are vulnerable, we take the risk to tackle what has been handed to us, opening ourselves up to being wounded or hurt, “allowing the winds of life to blow freely over our soul.”

The journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place. ~ Barbara DeAngelis

It comes down to trust — trusting yourself, your truth. Will life be perfect? Does it have to be perfect? I propose it is about being who we are despite the challenges we all face. Taking the risk to step into our truth provides strength and courage to move freely and gracefully in the flow of life. It does not mean that it may not be difficult, but trust and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable brings about strengths we do not realize we had.
Don’t stifle your thoughts and feelings, your joys and your fears; dare to be who you are at all times. Live your values, even when others make it difficult. Open your heart and your mind. Dare to be you at all times and learn to accept others where they are in the journey in life.

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