Image Source: Garrett HappyHippie Piersa (Facebook)

All of my life, Society told me that Peace is impossible, that it doesn’t exist and never will.

So I gave up my ammunition of fear. I put down my guns of hatred. And I tore up my flag of intolerance and said, “No.”

I said that Society is wrong. I broke free of my chains and flew! I became the dreamer, I became the beacon of hope; the embodiment of light and compassion that I know I was put here to be, just as we all are.

I made the conscious decision to love, and love alone. I now renounce bigotry. The hateful mentality of “Ego” has no place in my life any longer. I embrace you, your friends, your family; I embrace all of my brothers and sisters. We are ONE tribe. I’m here to say, never feel you are unloved. I love you! Even though I may not know you, I can say that because it’s what I feel in my heart.

On this day, New Years for some, New Years Eve for others, I say to you, Peace does exist! Peace CAN BE! It is inside of you and inside of me! When we know peace within ourselves, it WILL exist in the world and it will blossom! A light is shining through the darkness and LOVE will always prevail!

So let this year, 2012, be the year it was meant to be! Let it be a year of PEACE, of COMPASSION AND UNITY! Approach the new year with a new mentality of hope, not negativity! Now is the time for change! Let go of the past and the negative feelings holding you back and cross the divide into the light.

Peace is yours, peace is mine, peace is ours…if you want it!

Today, I wish you a beautiful, prosperous, healthy 2012! May its many coming changes renew you and may you emerge transformed; transformed into the beautiful beings of compassion and light we are all meant to be!

(written beautifully by Garrett HappyHippie Piersa)

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