Image Source: People Helping People (925.foe.com)

A human being, am I
amid this Earth and Sky.

I am not perfect with all the answers,
as you, I am fallible and diverse.

But when I open to you in truth and honesty,
it may be the moment we find similarity.

The same goes for me, when I am in need
for direction, compassion, or validity.

Some charge for sharing with others
life lessons learned, loving or averse.

Incredulous as it may seem,
being a mentor or friend, one charges a fee.

Is there one right way
to live each and every day?

Or is it a dance,
you and I, by chance.

Live the best we can;
uplift each other, across all lands.

We are of love and light,
given to us freely with life.

All answers are within,
sometimes seen more clear by human reflection.

A mentor I may be,
to each person in need.

As what I give to the Universe
comes back to me to re-disperse.

To be quite honest, you don’t need me,
to tell you that you have the freedom to be.

I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides;
I honor the place within you of love, of truth and light.

I am a Human, a Soul, a Friend at large,
completely free of charge.

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