7 Benefits Of Silence

by Helena Medena

Silence is a true friend who never betrays. ~Confucius

Even a talkative person can blend into the silence easily and smoothly and bask in the benefits that are very enriching to the soul.

1. Practicing Silence is easier than you think
If you are doubtful wether you can do it or not, start small. Choose to be present and still just for few hours (from wake up time till 12 noon, or from 4pm till next morning). Just that simple choice to go inward will give you external power to do so. Your desire, however, has to be genuine and true.

Turn off your phone, computer, email, social media and other distractions. Just be.

2. Your thoughts are temporary
In our regular life, everything appears so important, because it makes so much noise. As you go into silence, you will see how many “important” thoughts come and go. Thoughts of problems, stress, drama. Even seemingly happy thoughts. Do not get hooked on any one of them, just watch them. They will fade away. You are not your thoughts, you are not even the thinker of them. You are way beyond that. Silence will give you deeper glimpse of who you are.

3. Creative ideas rise from silence
Creativity is not found in the known. It’s not on the level where the problems are. Ideas are of different quality vibration. Silent, peaceful, calm and serene mind can access them gracefully. Go in deeply, visit your inner idea-craft-shop. Everyone has one. Some people, however, never visit.

4. Silence preserves energy
It is a scientific fact that thinking burns calories and oxygen. Worrying, dwelling upon past or fearing the future stresses the nervous system. Silence repairs it. Heart rate normalises. Breathing slows down. The rhythm of the body slows. Silence is restful and nourishing, for during the quiet time neural pathways are formed and windows of opportunities open.

5. Silence deepens your communication
There are many silent retreats that offer residential weekends (or weeks) where everyone is silent together and food is provided. (Check out Vipassana meditation) If you, however, choose to do it by yourself, at home, for more than 24-48 hours, you will soon be faced with at “real” world. Perhaps you will want to go for a walk in the nature or to a market, where people are likely to talk to you and your reciprocation is expected.

Silent mind is more aware. Silent mind can filter between important and distractive conversations. Trust your silence and you will notice that quite often, words are not necessary. It is enough for you to just be. Sweet smile of acknowledgment or a present nod of your head often completes the conversation much better than any word.

6. Silence refines your senses
By the end of day 2, you will start hearing sounds you never heard before. The sound of silence is quite crisp and noticeable. Your senses will become more subtle, purified and refreshed. Tune into those sounds and play with them. As you sit in the nature feel the silent sound of insects walking around or even a leaf growing. When shallow noise is tuned out of your awareness, new awareness are presented to you.

7. Your enjoyment capacity increases
If you need a radio and TV on at all times, if your mind is unable to focus on one task (before it has to check an email), your capacity to deep enjoyment is quite low. Practicing silence allows you to feel it, to be it to own it, and of course, to enjoy it.

Even if you are lover of words (I am!), you very well know that there are no word adequate enough to express the beauty of a breath-taking sunset. How can you explain the taste of mango by using words? Or the depth of love that you have for your child? That magic outweighs the power of any word.

Imagine you and your lover, flirting with words. Fun, isn’t it?
Now, imagine you and your lover, if words are not allowed, flirting with your eyes. Flirting with smiles. Flirting with your presence. Flirting with feather-like touch. Breathing each other in.

Practicing silence will bring many different ways of enjoyment and you will became a better lover of life. Lover of your truth. Lover of present moment. …

Question for you – have you been consciously silent for a longer period of time? What were your experiences? Would you do it again? Would you recommend it and why?

Enjoy the silence.

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