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Soul, though it has many associations for each human, from the sentimental to the sublime, it is frustratingly difficult, perhaps impossible to create a univeral, uniform definition.  Based on experience and perception, I personally find it more logical than not each human encases an energy field, essence, which I refer to as Soul, that is inanimate. Being intrigued with spirituality, philosophy, and science (especially the ongoing discoveries and awareness that takes place in the field of science), I thought it would be interesting to look into the relationship between science and the Soul.

Everything is energy.

Here on this planet it is widely accepted that everything is energy in the Universe, from the smallest atom to the largest planet. Everything is energy.  Energy is the driving force for the universe and consistently changes its form (kinetic, transfer, potential, or other).  It is suggested that the human body is made up of 30 to 50 trillion cells made up of atoms.  Each atom is almost completely empty space and the dense parts of the atom come from an energy field into particle matter. Then, as Einstein theorizes, it disappears back into an energy field — E = mc 2

This means you are; endlessly physically changing from an energy life field into a partially physical form mostly not here in dense matter. In fact you are only .000000000001% physically here! Mind blowing isn’t it?

“Changes in human energy fields may have more to do with what we do and how we live rather than inevitable changes over a life span.” (Leigh, etc., Univ. Nevada)

Laws of thermodynamics.

One form of energy can be transferred to another form and the laws of thermodynamics govern how and why energy is transferred. This is studied and confirmed by scientists in the field of quantum physics. They theorize that when everything is is broken down to the sub-atomic level, pure energy exists, not matter. Energy is always vibrating.  Hard to fathom?  Look around you.  Everything you can see is vibrating, however we may not be able to see it with the capacity of our sight. Thus we often are not aware of it.  “Things” (including you and I and out atoms), vibrate at a slightly different rate.  Science has shown that the rate of vibration, or frequency, dictates how we perceive matter, as a solid, a liquid, or a gas.  For instance, solids vibrate the most slowly, liquids vibrate faster than solids, and gases vibrate the fastest. What about electricity?  When scientists increase the vibration of an atom, at some point it disappears.  That’s the upper limit of the “physical universe.”  When the atom’s vibrational frequency slows down, it re-appears.  Where did it go?  It went somewhere, but science has no way of knowing.  Let’s just say it went to a place where the vibrations are faster.  Our eyes only see a tiny slice of the total electromagnetic energy spectrum which is only one source of energy and dismiss the rest.  Most humans have the capacity of five senses (hear, see, smell, taste, and touch), which follows interactive rules of perception which to some degree is different from person to person in our four dimensional world of height, width, length, and time.

 Energy signature.

You are probably wondering what any of this scientific mumbo-jumbo has to do with a person’s essence or what many refer to as the soul.

I am soul. You are soul.  We are energy beings who vibrate. Since vibrations often occur at different rates, each and every soul is totally unique, unlike any other, even though we have some commonalities. Although we vibrate at different frequencies, we all vibrate faster than the limit for the physical universe, so in order to live in the physical world and interact with it, we have to put on bodies that vibrate at the rate of the physical universe.   You can’t “see” soul with your physical eyes, but believe it or not, you can recognize familiar souls whom you’ve met in previous lifetimes.  Naturally, they are not wearing the same body they were in when you met them last, so you can’t recognize them by their physical appearance.  Instead you – soul that you are – recognize them by their unique energy signature, their vibration, even though they may have changed since you knew them last.

Well, think about a person that you first met when they were a small child.  How old is that person now?  Does the person look anything like he or she looked when you first met?  Chances are, the answer is no.  How do you know it’s the same person?  The person’s body shape and size have changed.  Hair color or voice register have changed.  If the person is a woman and she is married, her last name may have been changed.  The person is older now, and perhaps dresses differently.   You know by their energy signature.  It’s not something you can explain; you just know. Generally, you get a feeling, often one of familiarity (“Oh, it’s you!  Where have you been?), but also, you find that you really like or dislike the person right away, sometimes before they ever interact with you.  Sometimes you get a feeling of fear or anger.  Other times, you might get a strong feeling of infatuation or lust.  You may feel that you “love” the person even though you haven’t had the chance to forge any kind of relationship with them in this lifetime.

If you’re starting by now to wonder if you took the red pill instead of the blue pill as in the movie the matrix (or maybe I did) you may not be that far off.  As science is finally proving not all is that which seems to be, and even the mere effect of observing some of their experiments effects the experiment itself by being observed.  And even non-physical forces like intention, have been physically recorded in a variety of repeatable scientific experiments which happens to also be the basis of many prayers as taught by many religions. (Candice Collins)

Dive into the the scientific theories and the myriad of personal interpretations based on awareness and observation and find what fits with your reasoning of the essence of the human being aka Soul. But ask yourself the following questions as you are lead from one scientific or philosophical theory to another, where does Earth get its energy from and, if it doesn’t vanish, where does it go? What or who do you think occupies the 99.999999999999% empty space, within each of the 30 to 50 trillion cells in our bodies?



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